About Us

Clearway Rentals is a well-established and recognized name within the Fraser Valley, surrounding areas and abroad. In 1956, Jake Schellenberg set out to establish an auto repair and service business and called it Schellenberg Service. Many people within the Fraser Valley became well acquainted to the great customer care and service of the Schellenberg family. In the early years, Schellenberg Service not only provided auto repairs and fuel to many, but also rented lawn mowers, rototillers and trailers. Originally the Schellenberg’s had a Schellenberg Shell gas station that later turned into Super Save and then into Arco for a short while. Back in the early 2000’s Arco put on a gas war that brought our price down to .26 per liter; the lineup of vehicles went far down South Fraser Way that day.

Over time Schellenberg Service transitioned into a larger company focused primarily on car and truck rentals. Back in the 70’s the Schellenberg’s ran Bow Mac truck rentals and in the early 80’s the creation of a new name came about, Clearway Car & Truck Rentals. To provide a one way option alongside Clearway Rentals the Schellenberg’s added a Ryder Truck rental division for 10 years. Over the years the whole family were involved in one way or another and in 1987 Jake passed on the ownership of his company to two of his sons, Gary and Rick Schellenberg. In 2001, Clearway Rentals branched out to Chilliwack to expand their rental arm in the Valley. Shortly after starting the Chilliwack office Clearway purchased the franchise rights, in 2002, to open and run National Car & Truck Rentals. Soon National was in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Langley, Abbotsford Airport and Mission. In 2010 Clearway Rentals dropped the franchise of National and went back to its roots as a fully locally owned and operated company of the Fraser Valley.

Over the years Clearway Rentals has supplied the transportation needs of local agricultural companies, residential movers, cabinet makers, home restoration companies, local schools (both public and private), colleges and universities, business & vacation travelers, transport and delivery companies, government agencies, Bodyshop and ICBC replacement vehicles, forestry, movie and film production companies, nurseries, helicopter companies, churches, and many, many more. Our fleet has grown and developed over the years from Compact to Premium cars, 7, 9, 15 & 24 Passenger Vans and Buses, Cargo Vans and Pickup Trucks, SUV’s, Flatdecks, and a wide selection of Moving Box Trucks from 1 Tons to XL Tall Box 5 Tons.

2016 is an exciting year for Clearway Rentals Inc. as the Schellenberg family and staff celebrates 60 years of great service and exciting growth. The only way Clearway could truly celebrate 60 years of service is through the loyalty of its many customers and the strong base of long standing employees who care deeply for Clearway and the customers they serve.